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Why Proxy

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Why Choose Proxy Personnel?
Proxy Personnel is known for its commitment to customer service. In fact, we go well beyond the call of duty to satisfy our clients’ needs. Whether you are making a last minute phone call to fill an unexpected absence or need assistance with staffing a long-term assignment, our representatives are eager to assist you. Choose Proxy Personnel because we:

  • Staff temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire positions
  • Have talented professionals who are experts in recruiting highly qualified personnel
  • Swiftly replace staff if any problems arise with unsuccessful matches
  • Screen all candidates via in-house knowledge and skills assessment tools
  • Perform employment history verifications
  • Perform criminal records checks
  • Perform educational background checks
  • Will negotiate terms that are beneficial to the success of your establishment
  • Guarantee your satisfaction

Why Use Temps?
Although Proxy Personnel staffs temp-to-hire and direct hire positions, there are many advantages to only using temporary employees, colloquially known as “temps”. Hiring a temporary employee ensures that your establishment hires the right person for the available job. You have the option to ultimately hire the temp or continue the search for a permanent employee while the temp is completing your assignment. Moreover, statistics show that it is more economical to leverage the services of temporary employees when they are used on a need-only basis. Other reasons to consider the services of temps:

  • Save on costly employee benefits
  • Save on administrative time, resources and money
  • Decrease operational cost structure
  • Eliminate costs associated with permanent hiring
  • Outsource recruitment responsibilities
  • Instant access to qualified and specialized candidates
  • Evaluate candidates prior to hire
  • Meet demands of sudden increase in workload
  • Staff short-term projects
  • Fill temporary vacancies caused by employee absence

Job Applicants:

Why Choose Proxy Personnel?
Proxy Personnel is unique in that we view you as a business partner. In light of that, we work hard to get you the job and compensation that you deserve. We do this by understanding not only your skills, but your lifestyle, motivation, and goals. Whether you are in search for a temporary or a direct hire opportunity, our services are always free to you. Choose Proxy Personnel because:

  • We have job opportunities all over the nation
  • We have multi-year government and commercial contracts that offer our employees job stability
  • Many of our temporary placements are hired by our clients
  • We are sought after by employers of all sizes for our highly talented workforce
  • Our staffing specialists are able to find you employment within the medical, legal, administrative, and technology industries
  • We offer weekly compensation
  • We offer excellent benefits

Why Use a Staffing Agency?
In today’s economy a great way to get your foot in the door with some great companies is through temporary or temp-to-hire employment facilitated by staffing agencies. A staffing agency can offer you flexibility and choices that ultimately lead to greater career satisfaction and work-life balance. Temporary employment provides the opportunity to work when and where you want to work. Whether you want to work part-time, full-time, year round, or seasonally, staffing agencies have an assignment on which to place you. Submit your resume to us and discover why two million people are staffing companies per day.

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Why Proxy?

Find out why we are consistently chosen by clients and employees alike to provide employment solutions.

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Proxy Personnel is committed to earning the trust and respect of the professional community and building upon it.

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  • Founded in 2004
  • Nationwide Staffing
  • Temporary & Direct Placements
  • Commercial & Government Clients
  • Recruitment Specialists
  • Member of American Staffing Association
  • HUBZone Certified

Contact Information

Washington, D.C.
Proxy Personnel, LLC
1050 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Suite 500
Washington, D.C. 20036
Phone: (202) 639-9300
Fax: (202) 639-9630
Toll Free
Phone: (888) 776-9941
Fax: (888) 552-2517